About Gabriel

Gabriel is an unusual artist who paints in both Medias, watercolor and acrylics. He now resides full time in Boynton Beach Florida but prior he lived with his loving wife on Cape Cod, MA.

Gabriel feels that his hands are merely an extension of how and what he feels at the time of painting. When he paints outdoors he is inspired by the light that creates such different shadows, shades and shapes on different objects.

He is totally creative in his thoughts and his ideas and with his unique style, he created the name “Gabriel’s’ Visions”. He has been represented nationally in many galleries and Bed & Breakfast locations.

To further his talents he continues to paint with other versatile artists and he has exhibited in many shows where people have welcomed his thoughts and expressions. His work is known domestically and internationally.

He feels that each and every painting is a new experience that allows him to further his artistic ability.

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